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Music Pups

Music Pups is a music appreciation program that is a stimulating and fun time for infants 3 mths to 

2 1/2 yr olds. This program allows a child to make the association that music is fun. It has been proven that early exposure and participation in music has a very good effect on the development of the neural pathways in the brain, thus causing greater successes in the child's life. This program prepares the child to enter into the Sunrise music program when ready at 2 1/2 or 3 yrs old.

There are many good reasons for enrolling infants, toddlers and 3 yr olds in the music program:

  • Research from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning has shown that the early study of music helps shape the brain, preparing the child to understand the language of music right through adulthood.
  • Even if he/she doesn't study piano he/she will go on to cover music in school and this program will give him/her a good basis and love for music.
  • The ear and rhythm training provided in the Sunrise program will prepare a child to play the guitar, or be a drummer or play any other musical instrument when he/she enters the music program in his/her school.
  • The study of music develops academic aptitudes in mathematics, science, and the arts, allowing him/her to achieve much greater success in school than if he/she had not entered the program.
  • Music Pups/Sunrise promote large and small motor development
  • Music Pups/Sunrise help a child with concentration and focused listening
  • Music Pups/Sunrise promote early vocal development
  • Music Pups/Sunrise encourage a child's social abilities
  • Music Pups/Sunrise builds up a child's self-image and self assurance
  • Music Pups/Sunrise teaches team work
  • Music Pups/Sunrise encourages parent/child bonding because there is one on one time together in each class
  • To sum up, Sunrise and Music Pups are  excellent programs that provide an opportunity for individual expression as well as encouraging the development of the whole child, including cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills.

Music For Young Children

  • Sunrise program is for 3 yr olds and provides music training in the areas of rhythm, ear training and singing, this prepares them for the Sunshine Program. Research has shown that early participation in music has a positive effect on the development of neural pathways, leading to much success in a child's adult life. The goal of this program is to provide an excellent musical experience for children who are still too young to begin formal instruction in music.
  • Sunshine program is for 4 yr olds (J.K.) and begins the MYC core program. The children will learn basic keyboarding skills, rhythm,ear training, sight reading, theory and basic composition in a fun-filled age appropriate class.
  • Sunbeams program is for 5 & 6 yr olds and is similar to the Sunshine program in that they will learn basic keyboarding skills, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, theory and basic composition only at a higher level of understaning.
  • Moonbeams program is for 7-9 yr olds and covers keyboarding,rhythm, ear training, sight reading, theory and composition at an age appropriate level.
  • My Choice is a program designed for 10-12 yrs olds and is taught at a much different level of understanding that is appropriate for that age. They will still learn keyboard techniques,rhythm, ear training, sight reading, theory and composition. Parents do not need to accompany their child to class at this age. There is a maximum of 5 children in an MYC class.

Private Lessons-Piano, Vocal, Theory, Violin and Guitar.

   Private lessons are available for the above upon request. We provide 30 min. 45 min. or 60 min. lessons depending on the need of the child/adult.

   Please see the About Us section and Fees for more information about private lessons and the available time slots.